The world is in the middle of a significant change. The COVID-19 virus is rapidly spreading across the US, with hundreds of thousands of cases around the world. The Olympics have been postponed. Graduation ceremonies for millions of students have been canceled. On nearly every news network, debates rage about how to best limit the spread of the disease.

All of India's 1.3B people are in social distancing. More than 150M residents in the US. Most countries in Europe. All accounted for, nearly 2 BILLION people around the world are being told to shelter-in-place to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. This process impacts all people differently but the difficulties of extended periods of isolation (or near isolation) are distinct.

What if, instead of stressing about being stuck in our houses, we reframed social distancing as a way to increase creativity and innovation? That's what Isaac Newton did during the Bubonic Plague! In a year while he was "social distancing" from the bubonic plague, he built the foundation for much of his work and ended up calling it the year of wonders!

There are many opportunities to do this within recruiting: For instance, while the lack of in-person visits make real-life simulations like whiteboard interviews more challenging, this gives each recruiter an opportunity to experiment with innovative virtual formats that might work well for them. Similarly, companies in grocery retailers and CPG companies have the unique opportunity to implement AI to speed up hiring and get new teams onboard even faster to support coronavirus-related spikes.

At SAP, we are here to support you as you and your recruiting team define the solutions that can transform the way your teams work.

As of March 23, all of our applicant screening assessments are available at no cost for 6 months and our customer experience team is available to get you running within 24 hours.

As each of you face the unique challenges that COVID-19 generates, you have the opportunity to channel Newton and individually impact recruiting innovation. SAP has already been using Brilliant Hire to successfully transform our own recruiting processes for:

  • Software Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Product Managers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • and many more

All with a focus on removing bias and creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We hope that the tooling we’ve been using to further our own recruiting goals within SAP can also support  you as your own recruiting team derives innovation from the changes that COVID-19 requires.