Benefits of using a recruiting software in your remote hiring process.
A recruiting software can help your remote hiring process with a host of benefits and functionalities. 


A global pandemic has taken the hiring process digital for many companies across the world. From job posting, to interviewing, to onboarding -- HR teams are rethinking the way they find and hire new employees in a remote era. This is a crucial move because there’s no sign of remote hiring slowing down, even as COVID-19 transmission rates do.

Companies that are able to create a successful remote hiring process will be rewarded in their efforts to attract top talent. For those who are finding it challenging to do so, the answer may lie in better technology. Taking the first step in making a remote hiring process more effective and efficient requires enabling your HR teams with the right technology. For example: a recruiting software.

A recruiting software brings organization and productivity to a remote hiring process. With tons of software choices on the market that provide a variety of different features and functionalities, recruiters will find that they can easily find one to meet their needs. Read on to find out why your remote hiring process needs a recruiting software.

What is recruiting software?

Recruiting software is any software that helps organizations and HR teams bring efficiency to the hiring process. These softwares seek to optimize hiring for companies -- from finding candidates to screening them, assessing them and sending them offers. Recruiting softwares encompass a variety of functionalities, including applicant tracking, candidate assessment and new employee onboarding.

What processes can recruiting software help with?

Depending on which software you choose, you can target almost every part of the hiring process. Many softwares are designed to support and bring efficiency to a variety of functionalities. For example:

  • Sourcing -- Finding applicants by promoting open positions via job postings, career websites, talent communities and social media
  • Applicant tracking -- Tracking the applicants through the process including resume screens, assessments, interviews, background checks and onboarding processes
  • Recruiting analytics -- Understanding recruitment data via a dashboard that isolates KPIs and funnel metrics, including time to fill, source of hire and applicant-to-interview ratio
  • Pre-hire assessment and background checking -- Assessing candidates’ personalities and skills, as well as completing reference and background checks (these types of software will often utilize AI)
  • Onboarding -- Training new hires via orientation and ongoing learning objectives

What are the benefits of using a recruiting software?

Using a recruiting software offers HR teams a host of benefits, mostly surrounding increased efficiency, organization and productivity. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increases productivity -- Using a software can cut down on extra noise in the hiring process and streamline tasks so that recruiters remain focused and working towards their specific goals, even while on-the-go
  • Saves time -- Recruiting softwares help speed up tedious tasks so that the hiring process moves along more quickly
  • Improves communication -- Streamlined processes and a Candidate Relationship Management platform allow for quicker, more constant communications with applicants
  • Improves data analytics -- A dashboard that tracks hiring processes gives HR teams better data to draw insights and create actionable strategies from
  • Automates hiring -- Many softwares remove the manual parts of the hiring process to save time and energy while increasing accuracy
  • Leads to better sourcing and higher reach -- HR teams can reach more candidates using social integration while they garner insights about their sourcing strategy from data and candidate tracking analytics

How can a recruiting software help HR teams hire remotely?

With a new approach to hiring remotely, HR teams may be wondering if a recruiting software is still valuable when they’re WFH. The short answer is yes, absolutely. All of the perks of using a recruiting software in-office extends to HR teams that are using them remotely.

A remote hiring process can benefit from a recruiting software for the same reasons as an in-office hiring process. From decreased time-to-hire, to a better way to understand recruitment analytics, to better sourcing with greater reach, to improved productivity and efficiency -- a recruiting software brings a lot to the table for remote hiring. For remote teams, though, these benefits may be even more profound than they are for in-office teams.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote hiring teams have found that equipping themselves with the right candidate experience technology is crucial. The same can be said for candidate tracking and assessment technology, like a recruiting software. Since members of the same HR team may be in different areas of the city, state, country or world, having a software that helps keep track of processes and communications in one single place can keep everyone aligned and ensure they’re working towards the same hiring goals. Plus, candidate tracking is crucial in a time with increased unemployment and, thus, increased applications. With all of the resumes coming in, an assessment software is a necessary tool in determining a shortlist of top candidates.

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