Brilliant Hire fixes a broken hiring process by increasing efficiency and promoting diversity via technology.


Brilliant Hire was built with one assumption in mind: the hiring process is an inherently broken, and we need to fix it. From persistent and widespread diversity issues, to a damaging lack of efficiency, to hidden associated costs, to increasingly negative candidate's more clear than ever that the way we find and hire talent could use an overhaul.

That's where Brilliant Hire's platform comes in. Our technology is AI-powered, but human-assured — so that companies can find, assess and onboard their best-fits in a shorter amount of time and without unwanted (but common) hiring bias. Our reliance on a network of human experts is what sets us apart from other AI-based recruiting softwares that allow biases to remain at play while assessing candidates. We use AI, too — but only as far as the technology increases efficiency. Put simply: we'll maximize efficiency of process, but the we've put the human touch back into recruitment in the places where efficiency veers into the danger zone (and diversity is instead infringed upon, rather than promoted).

So, how exactly does Brilliant Hire bring efficiency and inclusivity to the hiring process while still maintaining diversity efforts? The answer lies in our three main value props, which serve as our hypotheses for what it takes to fix a globally broken hiring process. First, our technology assesses candidates based on their skills alone. Second, we employ AI and human intelligence to save time and money. And finally, we ensure a blinded process that promotes diversity and equity as candidates move from application, to screening, to assessment, to hiring.

Skills-Based Assessments

After much research, we have theorized that a better hiring process begins with skills-based assessments. After all, finding the absolute best candidate fit for a role requires assessing them based on their skills alone. Our technology allows for open-ended assessments that help hiring managers and HR teams understand the skillset of each candidate. That way, you can assess based on their skills (rather than based on the number of buzzwords they manage to fit on their resume).

We should mention here that our skills assessments are applicable to almost any role. Our featured industries are representative of hundreds of potential job descriptions, and include Finance & Accounting, Information Technology/Engineering, Creative, Customer Service, Sales, Legal and Operations. With the input of subject matter experts, we have designed a test bank of over a hundred questions that safeguard against bias and allow candidates to demonstrate their technical aptitute, as well as their culture fit and general problem-solving skills.

Our assessments ultimately allow recruiters to save time. Because every candidate can be required to take the skills assessment in order for their application to process, recruiters can very quickly understand who has the skillset for the job and sift through resumes in far less time.

Artificial Intelligence with a Human Touch

The purpose of AI-based recruitment softwares is to increase efficiency. But at the same time, they draw a lot of crticism because that same AI technology has been proven to disinclude marginalized groups.

Our goal has always been to combine the two in a best-of-both-worlds situation. We don't want to lose the efficiency that comes with automating clunky manual processes, but we also don't want any of the harmful biases inherent to AI to be at play in any hiring process. That's why our technology draws on the principles of AI to automate basic hiring process tasks, but requires a network of human experts to actually process the candidates' screening, assessment and interview results.

Our hypothesis is that combining AI technology with the human touch will save HR teams time and help them cut hiring costs (both good things!), at the same time as it safeguards against bias and potentially racist algorithms (bad things). So far, there's a lot of anecdotal proof that shows our technology has accomplished both of these goals — and that it has done so far better than our competitors.

Blinded, Inclusive Hiring Process From Start to Finish

One of the hallmarks of our technology is that it includes built-in bias checks which are meant to provide a reimagined experience for both candidates and recruiters. From the minute a candidate applies, their resume is blinded and detatched from personal identifiers. Our screening interface prompts recruiters to complete a skills-based screening, as opposed to one that relies on years of experience and keywords alone.

As the candidate moves throughout the process, our software acts as a project management tool for recruiters. Our platform offers plenty of opportunity for personalized and constant communications. That way, recruiters feel on top of their hiring process for each candidate; while candidates never feel left "in the dark" or forgotten about.

Our assessment process is intended to be inclusive, too. Open-ended questions that evaluate problem-solving skills allow for a better candidate experience. And if a candidate ends up in the rejection pile, our platform allows for a tailored email that includes specific feedback based on the candidate's assessment (goodbye, cookie cutter rejections!). We have reimagined the hiring process to be an opportunity for learning for all candidates, and our feedback emails reflect this goal.

Our team thinks that it's about time the hiring process changes to be more efficient, less expensive and more inclusive — and we know that many recruiting teams do, too. Bad candidate experiences are a big part of how companies are actually repelling top talent in today's recruiting landscape (which is a tame negative side effect when compared to the hiring lawsuits of late). Candidates deserve better, and so do HR teams. We are confident that both sides will find an answer to their frustrations in Brilliant Hire.

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