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Why Your Remote Hiring Process Needs a Recruiting Software

A great recruiting software brings many benefits to a remote hiring process, including increased productivity and decreased time-to-hire.…

Candidate Experience

How to Conduct Better Remote Interviews

Work has gone digital — and talent acquisition strategies have done the same. As you prepare to ramp up remote hiring, follow these top tips to conduct better, more inclusive remote interviews.…


4 Way to Reduce Hiring Bias

Most business owners, CEOs and HR professionals at top companies and small businesses alike would agree that diversity remains a big problem among their personnel. Most…


Moving Past the First Layer in Diverse Hiring

What do you think of when you hear hiring for diversity? Or, more to the point, what do you think of when you hear diversity? Diversity,…


Brilliant Hire x FallX: Designing a hiring process with diversity in mind

The Fall Experiment 2019 logo including Technology, Art, Gaming, and Music…


Welcome to the Brilliant Hire Blog!

Hiring great people is extremely difficult. We experienced this firsthand. Two years ago, we had to expand our team from 14 engineers to over 40 on…