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How Brilliant Hire Brings Efficiency to Your Hiring Process

Brilliant Hire brings efficiency and inclusivity to the hiring process. We help you find the best-fit candidate quicker while ensuring a great candidate experience.…


In the News: Brilliant Hire Prepares Companies for the Post-Resume World

Brilliant Hire seeks to fix a broken hiring process, bringing efficiency and inclusivity to the way companies find and acquire top talent.…


In the News: Brilliant Hire Raises $1M from

ICYMI: Brilliant Hire was selected for funding by in 2019. We've come a long way since then, but we'll never forget where we started.…

Candidate Experience

These Tech Tools Will Ensure a Better Remote Hiring Process

Remote recruiting is made more efficient with the right HR tech tools and softwares. We'll walk you through the two main categories of technologies that recruiters are using to make their remote hiring process more efficient.…